From analysis to IT solutions
to specialist personnel

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Healthcare sector players increasingly see themselves as modern service providers that focus on timely and efficient processes, and that are committed to the quality of their work from the customer's point of view, as well as value creation - whether they’re health insurers, hospitals, health centres or pharmaceutical companies.

As experienced specialists in healthcare process optimisation, we ensure greater efficiency and quality in all key areas. Besides the implementation of new software, our staff specialise in process analysis, optimisation and management as well as the practical control and handling of each and every project on a daily basis.



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And: We perform services on behalf of our customers when their own capacities are insufficient or internal processing causes too many costs. These include, for example:


· Reliable message management for requests to participate

· Recording and reviewing benefit claims

· Recording and provision of data for disbursement documents

· Recording and verification of invoice documents

· Recording and verification of approval notices

· Person inventory maintenance

· Detailed verification of billed services

· Digitisation of documents

· Analysis of patient surveys

· Registration of regulations/certificates/documents

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Data security as a key competence
In healthcare, data is the most important asset requiring protection..


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